Ultimate Guide To Hiring Voice Actors

How To Hire a Voice Actor

Have you ever hired a voice talent? Knowing that you need a voice-over recorded is the first step to achieving your goal to create a multimedia communications piece. Understanding the power of a voice-over will change the way you talk to your customers and open up uses for voice that you never thought of before.

Maybe you're entirely new to hiring voice talent. It could be that you were tasked unexpectedly with creating messaging for a full out radio or television campaign and don't know where to turn.

Perhaps you’ve been working with voice talent for years but this is the first time you’ve chosen to explore online casting.

You’ve come to the right place because Voices.com is the easiest and fastest way to find and hire voice talent from around the world.


Hiring Voice Actors Online

Where can you find voice actors online? One of the best resources you can make use of is an online marketplace. These marketplaces may also be referred to as online casting sites. Thousands of voice talent are members of the online voice-over marketplace and use the sites as ways to promote their voice while gaining access to opportunities to audition for projects like yours.

One of the key things to remember when using a marketplace is that talent set their own rates. Posting a job that states your budget will ensure that you receive responses from talent who are able to accommodate your needs. We’ll talk more about job postings later in this guide.

Being a member of an online casting site gives you the tools you need to find, audition, and hire the perfect voice.

Most online marketplaces are self-serve, meaning that you create an account with them and then go about the hiring process on your own.

Sometimes, you have more than one option which is what you’ll find at Voices.com. At our marketplace, you can either use the site on your own or with the assistance of your account manager.

Every client at Voices.com has access to their own dedicated account manager. Once logged in, you’ll see who your account manager is. For projects where you’d appreciate a helping hand, know that we’re happy to help! Just call or email your account manager and let him or her know about your project.

Whether you need a voice recording in 2 hours to make your proof of concept presentation come to life, or have a project needing translation in many languages and multiple talent, Voices.com makes the process easy, the results amazing, and you the project hero.

Today, you’re taking the first step on a journey to find the perfect voice for your project.